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The Pregnant Prom Dress

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A Mid-South teen says her dream night at prom turned into a nightmare over confusion concerning the dress code. The teen says she was held at the door for more than hour as her family scrambled to make alterations to her attire. “A pantsuit, I had a blouse on under it,” said Kanecia Hunter. “I

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The amazing Barbie is going to prom and she needs a custom made dress for this great event. She has decided to go to a great fashion studio for her dress and yo

Barbie is pregnant and she is preparing for her wedding. She wants everything to be perfect and for that she needs the perfect dress. Help Barbie dress-up for h

Just in case you needed more proof that you don’t actually need designer labels to attract attention, here’s the story of Kara Koskowich, who created her prom dress …

Welcome to UglyDress.com, the archive of the world’s worst Bridesmaids dresses. Contained within are photographic proof of some of the dresses that our friends, the brides, have made us wear so that they could look good.

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Mar 21, 2018 · A teen was banned from entering her date’s prom for wearing a dress with mesh cutouts, and her mother claims she was mistreated. Josie Reason, 16, of Central, Louisiana was thrilled to receive a promposal from her co-worker Christian — a pizza delivery with the words, “I know this is cheesy

Apr 12, 2018 · Most 17-year-old teens going to senior prom have a simple process for finding the perfect dress, typically determined by a standout cut or their favorite color. But for Skyler Branch of White Station High college in Memphis, Tenn., it was actually a loved one who inspired the teen’s incredible prom

Over the past few weeks my secretary Christine has been telling me about a teen she met at a dress b

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A sweet result: Teenager’s prom dress made entirely from Starburst wrappers (but who ate all the candy?) By Jennifer Madison Updated: 20:19 EDT, 19 April 2011

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